Badeer Fahmy


Our barbers will make you look your best by combining good old traditional haircuts and straight razor shaves with modern techniques

Badeer completed an accredited training program offered through a barber and cosmetology school. He has high school diploma and certificate of completion of an accredited barber training program of the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.

Badeer is one of the most famous and best (as well as the highest paid) barbers in the country. He regularly holds master classes and workshops for barbers both in town and abroad. He is an author of numerous articles on beard/mustache styling in many famous magazines.



Education & Training


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I have been going to this Barbershop since moving here and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.
Superb haircut and great staff.

These barbers really took the time with my cut and I got a beard trim as well.
They had refreshments in a cooler while you wait, which I waited for about 5 minutes even though it was “busy.”

These guys are always there when I need to have my hair cut or a beard trim.
They actually know what they are doing.

David Anderson

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